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Frequently Asked Questions

How much a residential garage door repair will cost?

Actually, the cost of the repair will depend on the gravity of the damage on the garage door. The price will involve the materials that will be needed to complete the repair project. If you are going to add accessories on it, then it might cost you a higher amount.

Is it possible for you to work on matching the color of my door and windows to the garage door?

Garage Door Repair Technology works on creating the best look for your residential property. We can help you with color matching and we will do it efficiently. As much as possible, we want your house to have the perfect look through our color codes.

The garage cable starts to fray, should I be worried about it?

Yes of course. The cable is an important component that keeps the garage door work accordingly. You must take an immediate action to it before it gets worse. Consulting the help of Garage Door Repair Technology is a great decision to make.

Can you provide a discount for the total price?

Our company sets the price on a particular service based on the costs of the materials, labor and other amenities. We set very low margin on other expenses like vehicle, fuel and many more. However, we offers discounted prices at time when we acquire lower purchases from our supplier. If they cut on the price on the raw materials, then we can consider a discount to all our valued customers.

Are you available all day?

We operate 24 hours a day so we fit to your schedule. You can count on us during emergency hours and our team will be at your location in no time. We assure that we are a company that you can trust anytime of the day. We are just a call away from your area so you only need to keep us updated.

Does consultation have extra charge?

We offer free consultation so you have nothing to worry about calling us for garage door inspection or checking. You can set aside your money for the repair project. Once you contact us for installation or repair service, we will be at your location right away to give you free estimates.

Can I change the code of the garage door by my own?

You don’t have to be troubled about changing the code yourself because the only thing that you need to do is to consult the manual or you can give us a call instead. To assure that you are doing it the right way, you need to ask the help of professionals to help you with the matter.

Do you have other payment options besides the manual process?

We have other payment options for you such as through your bank account. We also accept Visa and MasterCard payments at your convenience. As much as possible, we want it fast and easy for you.

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